Ananda Marga Junior High School (Kindergarten to year 8) is in the rural area of the district of Jaunpur, which is located 60km to the northwest of the district of Varanasi in the eastern part of the North India. It is 150 kilometres from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Although the school opened in the year 2001, the present management took it over in 2007. Since then tremendous changes have occurred in its physical, intellectual and spiritual curricula. The school offers Neo-humanistic Education to students. The essential features of this education is personality development and building character of the students, in addition to their intellectual development, through the practices of yoga and meditation as well as through moral education. Such education encourages all round development of the students, an essential feature of education. The system of transmission of knowledge currently being implemented is helping students to construct their own knowledge rather than traditional method of lecturing and memorising.

There are numerous schools in the area but they only make the students literate, not educated, and cater for the higher end of the socio-economic groups. The Ananda Marga Junior High School (AMJHS) is heavily subsidised by private sources and keeps the fees to a modest level in order to encourage the disadvantaged in the society to educate their children. In 2007, the school opened with 60 students and currently has an enrolment of 275 students. The School is recognised* by the Basic Education Board of the Uttar Pradesh government. The students study all prescribed subjects including English, Mathematics and Science among others. There are also some students with learning disabilities and autism as there are no special schools for them in the district. *Registration numbers 11519-28 (Boys) and 11529-38 (Girls)